Queensland and New South Wales Flood Disaster: Feb/March 2022

Image Source – ABC News: Matt Bouveng and AAP: Jono Searle

Meals on Wheels Australia sends its thoughts and prayers to those impacted by the devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales. 

We’re hearing incredible stories of Meals on Wheels volunteers and services going above and beyond to continue to support customers and affected members of the community, from continued meal delivery to food and clothing donations. It is heartwarming to see such community spirit, selflessness and resilience at this time.

Meals on Wheels services in Queensland and New South Wales are being supported by Meals on Wheels Queensland and Meals on Wheels NSW at this time. You can show your support for the Meals on Wheels services and volunteers through donation.

Meals on Wheels Queensland

Meals on Wheels NSW

You can also provide relief to the impacted communities by donating to the Red Cross Floods Appeal.
Keep an eye on their Facebook pages and websites for the latest updates.