Alison Meighan Awards

Meals on Wheels™ Australia (MoWA) is introducing a national award to honour the late Alison Meighan and the spirit and values that she and all who have built this iconic service stood for. 

For over 30 years, Alison played an invaluable role in supporting and building the community of Meals on Wheels™ services and was also a long-term Board Member of MoWA. As well as this, Alison played a key role in establishing the Meals on Wheels™  Association in WA and thanks to her catering background, she also managed a local service that produced meals in-house. 

She was one of Australia’s most passionate advocates of Meals on Wheels and epitomised the spirit of the service. Alison worked tirelessly because she never lost sight of the purpose of Meals on Wheels – to keep people well-nourished, connected and living independently in their own homes. 

She also understood Meals on Wheels saves the Australian healthcare system millions of dollars by keeping older Australians out of hospitals and residential care and in their homes, where they are often happiest.

After battling several health conditions, Alison sadly passed away on the 11th of June 2021.

Introducing the Alison Meighan Awards

The ‘Alison Meighan Awards’ aim to honour the late Alison Meighan by recognising, rewarding and highlighting the achievements of individuals and Meals on Wheels services, and in turn reinforcing the essential role Meals on Wheels services play within almost every Australian community. 

The awards will operate annually; opening for nominations on the 11th June each year, with winners announced in November. 

The ‘Alison Meighan Awards’ aim to:  

  • Honour the life of Alison Meighan by acknowledging and highlighting the achievements of individuals and services/groups involved who epitomise the ‘Meals on Wheels spirit’
  • Educate the general public about Meals on Wheels’ significant impact on the communities in which it operates
  • Inspire and motivate the community to support Meals on Wheels 
  • Evoke a sense of pride in being involved with a Meals on Wheels service
  • Expand the community’s embrace and support of Meals on Wheels as an iconic, essential, volunteer-powered service
  • Promote best practice and continual improvement of the Meals on Wheels service.

Nomination forms

Nominations are now until October 1, 2023.
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