“I’ve been doing Meals on Wheels for 2-3 years now. I absolutely love the experience of meeting the clients and building up a rapport. It also gives me the experience of getting out of my house for a little mingling. It improves days for clients with a double benefit for me.” 

Dianne, Volunteer 

It truly takes someone special to be a volunteer, and at Meals on Wheels, we have approximately 45,000 of these special people helping us to deliver nutritious meals and provide social connection to older members of our community right across the country. Without the incredible support and generosity of our volunteers, the vital service Meals on Wheels is able to provide would not be possible.

Whether you’re following your passion for cooking, or simply looking to put your skills to good use, there are many ways you can choose to volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Volunteers assist with every aspect of our essential work – from cooking in kitchens, delivering meals door to door, even assisting in the office with administration. There is a volunteer role for every Australian.

“Meals on Wheels volunteers have higher wellbeing than other Australians – including other volunteers.”  – Meals on Wheels Australia Social Impact Report – Huber Social

The happiness and wellbeing of our customers and volunteers is paramount. We are incredibly proud to have a service that not only helps connect people and community, but builds strong relationships. Th strength of these powerful and positive relationships between customers and volunteers shone through in a recent report. Read it here.

There are so many benefits to you and your community when you become a Meals on Wheels volunteer, so what are you waiting for? Get involved today!