Meals on Wheels™ has been an iconic and trusted service in Australian communities for more than 70 years, but it wasn’t until 1989 that the national association we now know as Meals on Wheels® Australia was born. 

Today,  Meals on Wheels™ Australia is a vital national association, working alongside its member organisations –  as well as peak bodies, providers, and services – across every state and territory. 

Committed to supporting the wellbeing and interests of older Australians, Meals on Wheels™ Australia works with these groups and the community to raise awareness and lobby for action around the importance of good nutrition and social connection.

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Meals on Wheels™ Australia is made up of a community of more than 590 grassroots services across the country, dedicated to the wellbeing, connection and independence of our most vulnerable.

By becoming a member service of Meals on Wheels™ in your State or Territory, you too can join this wonderful community of likeminded services, all sharing a common purpose.

As a federated body, Meals on Wheels™Australia, we will be your voice to the Federal Government and other key policy and decision-makers, representing and supporting you on the issues that truly matter and helping leverage the power of our collective voices.

Being a member service also allows you access to valuable resources and benefits from Meals on Wheels™ Australia’s relentless advocacy efforts. 

You can make a real difference to the lives of Meals on Wheels customers and volunteers by empowering independence, confidence and advocating for change.

To become a member service, simply get in touch with your relevant State or Territory peak body today.