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We Care

A meal and a visit

You might just want a meal and not want to chat (and that’s fine). Alternatively, you might find a visit by a meals deliverer a reassuring and pleasurable part of the day.

Most people who deliver meals in Australia are volunteers. They do it because they want to and passionately believe in the value of the service. Their generosity and good-will make a positive contribution to society and many people’s lives.

We monitor

A safety and wellbeing check

The term monitoring is a professional term for looking out for. Just as you might keep an eye on and occasionally help a friend or neighbour.

Many of our customers including their friends and family, regard the monitoring element of the service just as important as the meal itself.

Loss of appetite, confusion, and deterioration in hygiene and grooming are just some of the signs delivery personnel may observe. Sensitive intervention, and in some cases alerting next of kin, can be the difference between medical treatment by a GP or a long stay in hospital.

We help

A service for independence

The term early intervention is a professional term for nipping something in the bud.

Our services often link or refer customers to social support programs and health professionals to help them maintain their health and independence.

Someone with arthritis or other physical and psychological issues, may not have the capacity to cook, but by getting Meals on Wheels and maintaining good nutritional health, are still able to remain active and engaged in their communities.