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BREAKING NEWS: 8 million dollar funding boost

September 15, 2017

More on the plate for Meals on Wheels

Earlier this year, national peak body the Australian Meals on Wheels Association (AMOWA) called for a modest additional investment to address the funding inequities in each State, and to stop struggling services having to raise fees to their customers.

This morning the iconic service rejoiced after the announcement by the Federal Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, of an additional $8 million in government support.

AMOWA President, Nelson Mathews, says this announcement is great news and the government’s intention to allocate the extra funding in a more equitable way has been welcomed by all the clients, volunteers and staff of AMOWA.

“Services struggling with cost pressures have been forced to raise the price of meals to their customers to levels we think are unacceptable, this additional Commonwealth Home Support Program funding will help stall further price hikes for those who can least afford them,” Mr Mathews said.

“Many chronically underfunded Meals on Wheels services will now receive extra funding to bring them closer to par with other services in Australia with the Government intending to contribute a minimum of $4.70 towards the cost of this iconic service.

“The government has recognised the massive return in down-stream community benefits and health savings it gains through preventative care services like Meals on Wheels.”

Australians of all ages have access to receiving Meals on Wheels including those living with mental or physical disabilities as well as older members of the community, all of who benefit from the three services provided that is bundled into one.

  • Nourish – Clients receive a well-balanced and nutritious meal
  • Care – Clients are provided with vital social contact, monitoring of health and well-being
  • Connect Communities – Volunteers are the heart of Meals on Wheels. This engagement and sense of purpose has a massive positive impact on countless people across the communities Meals on Wheels operates

Meals on Wheels services throughout Australia nourish, care and connect communities, by delivering over 10 million Meals on Wheels meals to more than 120,000 clients Australia-wide in cities, regional and rural areas each year.

For more information download this Media Release