More than just a meal

We Strengthen Communities

A service that brings people together

Meals on Wheels is embedded within the fabric of our communities. In just about every town or suburb in Australia, social connections are formed and health outcomes are improved by our iconic service.

Meals on Wheels bridges all social-economic and cultural divides. Our customers range from younger people with a psychological or physical disability to those older members of the community determined to stay independent for as long as possible.

We save millions of dollars

A service that saves on health costs

We’re often told by customers (and their families) that the nutritional, monitoring and socialization elements of our service are the key to maintaining independence.

If this independence is maintained for just one year (in many cases it’s more) we save the tax payer well over $50,000 a year per customer.

How? It costs over $50,000 of tax dollars to house someone in a nursing home. For about $1000 of federal funding we can provide meals for a year (that’s less than a day stay in hospital).

We have 70,000 volunteers

… and can always use more …

Volunteering for Meals on Wheels can be an incredibly satisfying experience.

Our customers include younger people, and older members of the community who may have been teachers, nurses, brick- layers, bankers, or CEO’s of large companies. Just as there is no typical Meals on Wheels customer, there is also no typical volunteer.

When you volunteer you never know who you might meet.

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