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A meal delivered to the door

Sometimes the pressures of life bought about by ill-health, a disability or depression impact on our motivation, desire or ability to cook. Often it’s the last thing we can or want to do.

Our sense of independence can be challenged by admitting we might need a little help. Meals providers are often told, “I wish I’d got meals sooner”.

A common problem facing people adapting to changed circumstances is poor nutrition and or weight loss. These often lead to more complications. A few decent meals a week make a huge difference

Who can get meals?

How much do they cost?

A 3 course meal usually ranges from between $7.00 to $10.00 including delivery. This is a subsidised rate, kept low by a contribution by the federal government.

To receive meals at a subsidized cost you need to be on a full or part disability or aged pension. Carers are often eligible too.

Services also offer meals at alternative rates for those not on a pension.

Ask your local service provider

How do I get a meal?

Find your local service and ask …

The easiest way to find out about services is to ring your local Meals on Wheels service. They will be more than happy to explain how their particular service operates, and to get you started.

Each State in Australia has a website. Some have central numbers, others have a search function which leads you to your local service via postcode, town or suburb name.

Find your local service provider